Google Opens A Visitor Center


Google has opened a visitor center at their headquarters in Mountain View, California – also known as the GooglePlex. Historically, Google has never allowed for random people to come and visit or tour the offices. You had to work there or know someone who worked there to get into the building. But that seems to have changed recently.

Danny Sullivan, the Founding Editor of Search Engine Land, is at Google right now and snapped some photos on the new visitor center. The Google Visitor Center is labeled “BETA” because it is a temporary version of the “more permanent” tour center that is opening in the summer of 2015.

Danny shared many pictures of the temporary visitor center on Google+, including the sign I posted above, life-size Android phones, Google Maps Pegman, a walk-in Google Maps 3D Earth simulator, a Google bike, ball pit, many Android toys, massage chairs and much more.

Here is an embed of many of the pictures Danny took of this new, temporary visitor center:

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