Google Overhauls AdWords Editor: Version 11 Released Globally

google-adwords-yellow2-1920Today, Google released a fully-redesigned version of AdWords Editor that supports several of the bulk editing features that have recently been added to the web interface and introduces new functionality to the desktop tool.

Announced during a livestream hosted by AdWords VP, Jerry Dischler today, AdWords Editor’s Product Manager, Geoff Menegay, said AdWords Editor 11.0 “represents the biggest update to the application since we released it in 2006″. It has a new look and is faster than older versions.

Here’s what sets the new version apart from AdWords Editor of old:

Now Open Multiple Windows Simultaneously

This is one of those changes that seems minor at face value, but is actually huge for productivity.

Instead of having to jump between campaign tabs and different accounts separately, you can now open multiple windows simultaneously. Copy and paste and drag-and-drop functionality works between windows.

Better Search & Type Lists

A new type lists panel and improved advanced search are designed to make it easier to find what you’re looking for within your accounts.

type lists in Google Adwords EditorMore filtering and multiple search criteria have been added to advanced search along with the ability to save searches.

Bulk Editing & Shared Library

The new advanced multi-select tool allows you to paste multiple ads or keywords across a combination of campaigns and ad groups at once, rather than pasting one-by-one.

Parts of Shared library are coming into Editor: bid strategies and stielinks can be implemented across campaigns and ad groups. (Hopefully more will come such as negative keyword lists, placement exclusion lists, etc.).

Other features include new undo and redo buttons and keyboard shortcuts.

Version 11 is now available for download globally. Older versions won’t be supported after April 2, 2015.

Also announced in the livestream is the roll out of app engagement ads for search.

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