Google Releases API For “Google My Business” Local Listings


Google announced a new API to manage your Google My Business listings named the Google My Business API.

The API enables you to programmatically create and edit locations in Google My Business. Here are some of the features you can manage through the API:

  • Create business locations with information such as name, address, phone number, category, business hours and more.
  • Manage special hours.
  • Mark a business location as permanently closed.
  • Manage business photos.
  • List, invite and remove managers on locations and business accounts.
  • Read listing state to identify Google updated, duplicate and suspended locations.
  • Search/Filter locations by name, category and label.
  • Set the service area for a business by specifying a point and radius or Place IDs.

This API is typically aimed at larger businesses that need to manage many locations and have special holiday hours. It may also be used by marketing agencies looking to manage their clients.

You can access the API in the Google Developer portal.

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