Google Says New Parents Perform Twice As Many Searches As Non-Parents

google-homepage-search-600According to a recent survey conducted by Google’s Think Insights, new and expecting parents perform 2.7 times the number of online searches as non-parents, with 56 percent of maternity-related searches completed on a mobile device.

Google claims baby- and parent-related mobile searches are on an upward swing. During the first quarter of this year, mobile searches for baby development grew 72 percent, and since last year, mobile searches for baby-related and parenting topics have climbed 25 percent.

Not only are baby-related searches on the rise, but YouTube has seen a significant increase in the number of parenting videos viewed on a mobile, with viewership up 329 percent in 2014.

Google says the rise in mobile searches and video views from new and expecting parents is because young parents – ages 18 to 34 – are part of the Millennial generation, and more likely to use their smartphone as their primary device.

Overall Growth In Maternity & New Parent Searches by Device:

Google Think Insights Maternity Searches

Google claims the top commercial searches by new parents were clothes-related, with expecting parents searching for maternity clothing.

Once the baby arrives, clothes-related searches by parents are often related to how to clean or reuse baby clothes.

The report broke-down the most common searches performed by parents by their parenting stage, with expecting parents more likely to do searches related to health, safety, school, clothes and college. Parents of newborns also searched health- and clothes-related topics, but were more likely to search for feeding, diapers and shopping information.

Parents of toddlers mimicked the searches performed by expectant parents, searching once again on health, school, college, safety and clothes-related topics.