Google Search OneBox Answers Are Getting More Detailed

google-data-knowledge-brain-featuredThere are several reports throughout the search community that Google’s OneBox answers or a form of the knowledge graph, are now more aggressive about answering even more complex questions with more detailed responses or answers. When we asked Google about this, a Google spokesperson told us, “we’re always experimenting with different types of answers, but we don’t have more details to share at this point.” Some questions Google attempts to answer now include: [why is the sky blue?] google-direct-answer-8 [who ended world war 2?] google-direct-answer-6 But some answers might be a bit off or unusual such as: [what are the largest mammals?] what-are-the-largest-mammals-2-550x396 [what do cows eat?] what-do-cows-eat-550x425