Google SEO is Changing

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In the recent months there have been quite a few SEO changes Google has made in the Search Engine Results Pages as well as a myriad of unseen backlink de-indexes and algorithmic enhancements. Alot of this stuff is impossible to see unless you check SERPS and backlinks everyday like me, or have a tool that sends you reports. I have noticed for some competitors I have tracked months ago, that had a vast link diversity and count (around 6000 links) has dropped dramatically to 400 or so. This seems to be true for a few different competitors urls I track, so it makes me wonder what Google is up to. For one thing I noticed about 2 to 3 months ago, that some urls depending on how they are indexed don’t show up when doing backlink checks, while others do. Google is guarding some backlink information for whatever reason. I know this is true because I have looked for backlinks from sites I mange and they have not shown in reports, but have shown indexed when searching Google and I know they have indexed it because I get Googlebot reports everyday 🙂

Well, got to go, but I will be making more posts as I can to help those along in their SEO journey through the jungle of Search Engine Optimization.

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