New Google SEO Rules – Part 1 Content

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OK, so if you have been hit by any of the Google updates new or old, you are probably wondering some of the different ways to implement new sites to prevent being slapped, or you are searching for the answers on how to recover your sites that got affected by recent and ongoing changes. The first thing I would like to talk about is content, the actual content and the way its delivered. Maybe you had excellent content and were still affect, or maybe you had a site that was thin on content and were hit hard. Whatever the case hopefully this post on proper SEO will help you recover old sites, and properly set up new sites.

Can You Trick the SERP’s?

So first let me dispel some common myths put out by a lot of misinformed people with outdated info or newbie SEO spewing out info that is simply not true.

1. You can trick search engines with overly optimized articles by spamming your keywords everywhere and not providing any true value to your readers.

FALSE – Although keywords are a good way to inform Google what your content is about, it should happen naturally, not intentionally. Google as well as other search engines are paying attention to this a lot. Also if you do this is makes it hard to read, and your visitors will not appreciate spammy content.

2. There are ways to make changes to your site and get pushed high up in the SERP’s quickly with just a few key changes.

Kind of True, but mostly false – What I mean by this is that if you start with the wrong idea of doing your search engine optimization and make some large mistakes, it will not matter what you do. Let me give you one example of this. Say you start a new site, and you have super optimized it and you are all ready to go, so next you go out and start building some back-links. Sounds good right, you should start ranking in no time right? Maybe, first of all Google doesn’t like you going out and building back links, they much rather that your back-links occur naturally by people citing you because they honestly enjoyed what you had to say. There are some exceptions like your Twitter, Facebook, etc as you will get natural back links from simply completing your profile. (Hint: optimize your social profiles 🙂 – If you are interested in learning how to do this let me know by commenting on this post –

3. Static navigation with optimized keywords no matter where they are on the site are good?

FALSE – Your navigation and how you link both internally and how your linking from other sites effect your ranking dramatically. Why, user experience, ding, ding, ding. If your users are reading an blog post about how to make wine, and on the sidebar there is static navigation that shows others post about making chicken noodles, others about your trip in Africa, etc. This is confusing to the reader and more importantly don’t forget that the post that brought them to your website in the first place is what initially got them interested. So what is the right way? Very simple if your user came to read a post about how to make wine, give them related content like; simple steps to choosing good wine bottles, the best yeast to use when fermenting, etc. You get the point right. This does a lot of things, one it builds trust with the user because they see more info about their interest. This gives the impression that you are very knowledgeably in this area of interest. (hopefully you are) The most important benefit you get from providing dynamic navigation for your readers is they are liking to find something else that keeps their interest and will click on it and read it, which in turn keeps them on your site longer. This is a VERY, VERY big part of search engine algorithms, specifically Google’s. They use this metric (on site time) to determine if the user found what they were looking for on your site, and how much value they see in your content. If you take 1 thing away from this post – User Experience through good content is KING.

Good Content for Search Engines

So now that you know some things not to do, what are some of the right things to do? Well for the first part, which this is going to sound weird depending on how you have come to learn Search Engine Optimization. You ready………breath…………..stop trying to rank. WHAT!!!!! I know it takes a while to wrap your head around this if you have been getting fed all the old SEO methods, but before you dismiss me as not knowing what I am talking about, let me explain why.

1. What site do you know comes up a lot when you search for anything, probably comes up more often then any other site in the world, even for stuff that you would think it should not………….

Ready for the answer. OK, not a big surprise I know, but studying this site would give you insight into why it ranks so well for some of the most competitive keywords. I will give you a few insights, and if you would like me to do a webinar about it, leave a comment and let me know. **This is Key** Yes, like I have mentioned in other posts we will be doing webinars for those who join our exclusive group of those eager and ready to learn SEO.

So why does Wikipedia rank so well?

1. Content, they have some of the most thorough, well written and informative content the internet has to offer. They are probably cited more than any other site on the internet also.

2. Traffic – Since they have so much content, and rank extremely well for several keywords they receive tons and tons of traffic, and guess what happens, usually once someone gets to Wikipedia they stay there for a while because there are so many internal references to whatever brought you there in the first place. **Another Gold nugget**

So I believe I have given away a lot of shiny gems in this post, if you don’t want to stop learning and would like to continue the informative out pour, remember I cover a lot of this in my free report that you can get instantly if you sign up for our group to learn SEO. I give 10 tips to recover from Panda, Penguin, and the EMD update.

Also, remember that SEO is more than just content and backlinks, but there is more involved when doing full service SEO. I will be revealing more of this in upcoming posts.

Until next time, Stay Elevated in Positive Energy and Focus

By, Uzzeyel KhuELenne