New Google SEO Rules – Part 2 Market Leadership

market leadership for seo

market leadership for seo

Welcome back everyone, if you have been following my posts, you remember last time we talked about having good content for SEO purposes. This post we will crack into a seemingly new (but not) emerging concept called market leadership. Depending on how you use this for marketing your brand, customers, clients, etc., it can be called by several different names. The main point of what it succeeds at accomplishing is brand recognition; with humans, search engines and authorship. If you still don’t follow what I am saying don’t worry, I am going to go through a basic breakdown of why it is important, how to do it, and what you should accomplish with it.

Market Leadership – Why Its Important

Why should you even care about this you might ask. Well in the world of ever growing spam and the fight among SEO companies to stay ahead of the curve, Google’s algorithm has become very much so sophisticated in the way it selects criteria and metrics that decide where sites rank in the SERP’s (search engine result pages). One of the best ways to do this is to establish author rank through content, community contributions, and market leadership of those in the particular area of search that is involved. What this means is that those who are leaders in their market, actively participate in the community specific to their niche allows Google to in a way trust these people, companies, and/or brands. So the reason this is so effective is because people outsource links, and content often, but it is very hard to mimic someone’s voice or brand consistently in this manner. Although it could be done it would probably take more overhead to achieve the same results if you just did it yourself. As time goes on this along with several other factors that all correlate to real user experience through the instrument of good content and social involvement will be some of the most important factors in the future of search engine optimization.

How to Accomplish It

Well to put it quite simply there are several ways to do this but in a nutshell, start contributing on forums, and other media outlets in your specific niche/area of expertise. This means actively participating on sites that you can provide the most value to, making posts, and comments when you can truly help someone or provide insight that will for sure create a social buzz if the topic is popular. Another way to kick start this is to social blast your profiles always keeping them informed of when you contributed somewhere.

What You Should Accomplish

So bottom line is the more you help others, by giving actionable content, advice, and things that enhance the user experience as well as their knowledge in your brands field, the more people share you content, your brand, and trust your brand (this includes the search engines). This coupled with time will give you the outcome of a trusted market leader, since people are constantly sharing your advice, referring others to your company, mentioning you on their social networks etc. This is key for long term brand success. In the next post we will talk about some strategic back-linking and dispel some old school techniques that are not as effective as they used to be.

Until next time peace and positive energy.

By, Uzzeyel KhuELenne