New Google SEO Rules

google changing seo formula

OK, so everybody is slowly but surely finding out that there are new rules to abide by when it comes to ranking in Google. SEO has changed and is going back to its true core, which really is and should be simply finding the best way for customers to connect with products and/or services they need. The issue arose when internet marketers thought it a good idea to try and manipulate the search engines, hence the saturated non white hat SEO market. This underground SEO world started pushing techniques along with software that started causing bad search results and clogging up the internet with spam. There is a good practice of search engine optimization which revolves around following the guidelines of search engines and simply putting things in the right places to allow the search engines to properly categories your content. In the next coming weeks I will be discussing some of the new SEO ranking factors and some of the biggest things not to do, then we will tackle what you should do. Stay tuned and if you are not already part of our limited group, get in now while we are allowing new members. When you sign up for our group you also instantly receive our Google Proof Guide to make sure your sites don’t get slapped by the Google updates. Or if you are a business owner that would like a second opinion or perhaps curious on how well your site is optimized then get your free SEO analysis now.

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We will be doing a webinar soon going over some of these new guidelines that Google is using to filter search rankings.

By, Uzzeyel KhuELenne