Google Shares Performance Stats On Search Network With Display Select Campaigns

new-google-adwords-logoLast fall, Google rolled out a new campaign type called Search Network with Display Select. The option was designed to make it easier for advertisers constrained by management resources to run both search and display ads, while shedding the waste advertisers typically saw when they combined search and all of the display network in the same campaign.

Display ads are served based on a new algorithm designed to show ads in the best places, drive better ROI and take the heavy lifting of display campaign management off smaller advertisers.

Today, Google released some case study performance results on the new campaign type.

WordStream has tested it with some of their clients successfully. Walk-in bath tub supplier, Safeguard Tubs, reportedly saw a 25 percent increase in overall conversions at a flat cost-per-acquisition compared to their previous campaign. Blindster, an online blinds and shades retailer, saw conversions increase more than 22 percent by adding display ads in a Search Network with Display Select campaign.

SaaS HR systems company, ELMO Talent Management Software, competes in a competitive search advertising space. They added display to the mix with a Search Network with Display Select campaign, and in three months 20 percent of their customers were coming from display ads. The display CPL was 40 percent lower than their previous search campaign.

At the time of the roll-out, Google said that on average, advertisers saw a 35 percent higher click-through rate and 35 percent lower cost-per-acquisition on the display portion of their campaign than the old combined search and display campaign type.