Google Shopping Adds Full Suite Of Automated Bidding Options

Google Adwords

Those that manage Google Shopping campaigns will now have a slew of new bidding options in AdWords, thanks to a suite of new bidding strategies for Shopping campaigns. These new targeting options include maximizing clicks, leveraging Enhanced CPC and optimizing for ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).


Maximize Clicks

If you are a marketer who forgets about revenues and only cares about clicks, this solution is for you! Google will automatically adjust bids to drive the most traffic. Not the best traffic, but the most traffic possible.  Most folks won’t be needing this option, but it does now exist!

Enchanced CPC (ECPC)

ECPC allows bids to be raised when a potential conversion could be obtained — a digital profiling, if you will. With ECPC selected, the bids can increase as much as 30 percent, as Google will dynamically optimize your bids.



Target ROAS

If return is what you are after, ROAS bidding may be for you. This option allows for revenue-driven dynamic bidding. This option is only currently available to a handful of advertisers, and a request form to be included is located here.

For the full report, see the AdWords blog.


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