Google Sold to Microsoft for 1 Trillion Dollars – SEO Gone Forever

seo albuquerque

seo albuquerque

No- one thought it would happen, but today Google announced their deal to sell its US properties to Microsoft for $1 trillion. This is the end of Google SEO as we know it, or is it just a cool April fools articles that you caught late to get you to really focus on your efforts in 2013! 🙂 Thanks for coming and since you are here you should consider what it would mean if something like that happened, the reason being is that you should have a full marketing strategy that can bring you qualified leads and traffic no matter what the search engines do.

Why SEO – Search Engine Optimization Is Not Enough

If you are here you have done some research and realize you need web design for a great website and Search Engine Optimization to drive new customers to your website. Although this is very important this is not the whole picture, and let me tell you why.

Once you have a great website, you may start getting good traffic from SEO efforts and even land a few new customers. The problem is that once you get to page 1 you just join another 8 to 9 websites that are selling the same product/service as you, and everyone is advertising and saying the same thing. So when a new customer is searching or researching your product or service every company starts to look and sound the same. This forces the customer to call around and make you compete on pricing instead of value.

We solve this problem.

Elect Media is not just a marketing services company, we build your complete marketing message from start to finish. We don’t ask you to supply the answers, we provide them while keeping you educated so you and your staff can equally stand together working toward building your business. We know for a fact that no other company in Albuquerque offering SEO provides such a comprehensive package. They try to sound like it by packaging everything together and charging you for each piece, or they focus on one part of the process. Another problem you may run into when dealing with other local Albuquerque SEO companies, is that they are very vague when you start asking specific questions. We keep everything on the table, so you can see the value and what your money is going toward. The reason other companies don’t answer straight forward questions like, “what types of task do you do for search engine marketing?” is because their depth of knowledge usually doesn’t provide them room to answer this without feeling like they have given you what they know. Search Engine Optimization/Marketing is not rocket science like they would like you to think, its been the same for years, no matter how many Google updates roll out. Call us for straight to the point answers so you can become better educated on what you actually need, and not what someone is trying to sell you.

Why does it matter?

If you are paying for web design, hosting services, email, pc/server support, SEO, adwords, offline ads for radio, tv, paying to get your video production completed along with the professional audio voiceover for your radio ad, etc. You are putting 100% of your marketing budget into sending traffic to your business or business website but 0% into the message, content, and processes that can make each new prospect your new customer. A bigger part of this is that usually the company providing advertising for you cannot really be accountable and there answer is always, “well we need to put more money into this or that.” Really? What a waste. Elect Media has the tools to moniter SEO campaigns as well, but when we find something not working, we stop doing it and create new ways to convert prospects into customers, instead of asking you for more money.

Let Us Educate You…

Today, when people talk about “marketing,” they are usually talking about advertising mediums and not the message or strategy contained within those mediums. For example, when a business owner says to himself “I need to market my business,” what he usually means is, “I need to run some ads.” He then looks for an advertising medium that he thinks is valuable to his industry like: Adwords, radio, TV, internet, yellow pages, etc. To most people, that’s what marketing means. Furthermore, the salespeople for most these advertising mediums have now taken the term, “marketing consultants.” It doesn’t matter if they sell printed products, SEO, radio and tv ads, social media fanpages — they all call themselves “marketing consultants.”

But here’s the problem—none of these “consultants” actually do any consulting. Furthermore, none of these advertising mediums represent the core meaning or solution that marketing is. A true marketing consultant will consult your business on the content and message of your advertisement and not just the medium. That’s what marketing really is—it’s the message, not the medium. Here’s the point—the leverage that you have available in your advertising efforts is not fully realized until your message is being strategically implemented in every medium being used in your advertising efforts. If you would like to learn more about how we fix this problem. Click Here or give us a call today.


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