Google Voice Search In Google App Now 300 Milliseconds Faster

Google announced on the Google Research Blog that they have added new computational models which “are more accurate, robust to noise, and faster to respond to voice search queries models.”

We asked Google how fast Google voice search is now, and a Google spokesperson told us that Google Voice search within the Google app is now 300 milliseconds faster. In fact, Google said that for some people, the new app will feel as much as 500 milliseconds faster, depending on the device.

But overall, Google Voice Search is about 300 milliseconds faster, which can feel huge for users based on how fluid the interaction feels.

The Research Blog gets into the details behind how it is faster and more accurate. Google said they used Connectionist Temporal Classification and sequence discriminative training techniques to improve the “neural network acoustic models.” Google said they are extensions to the recurrent neural networks that make voice search on Google more “accurate, especially in noisy environments, and they are blazingly fast!”

Google was unable to give us a metric on the accuracy improvements, but they told us the app is much more accurate based on the models described above.

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