Google Warning External Keyword Tool Shut Down Is Near, AdWords Keyword Planner To Replace It

Google is working toward the complete phase out of the Adwords Keyword Tool and phasing in the new AdWords Keyword Planner.

Users accessing the free external Adwords Keyword Tool to perform keyword research, will see the messaging below that it will no longer be available in the coming month and is being replaced by Keyword Planner. Unlike the Keyword Tool, the Keyword Planner is only available to users who are logged into AdWords.

Adwords Keyword Tool Shutting Down for Keyword Planner

Google has not announced the final date, but did say the Keyword Tool would sunset in about 60 days when they announced the launch of Keyword Planner.

To learn more about Keyword Planner, read Larry Kim’s in-depth piece on How To Use The Keyword Planner – The New Keyword Tool From Google AdWords.