Google Webmaster Tools Upgrades Structure Data Markup Errors Report

Google-Webmaster-toolsGoogle’s Webmaster Trends Analyst Mariya Moeva announced, on the Google Webmaster blog, a new update to Google Webmaster Tools where they now show items with errors in the Structured Data dashboard.

This can help webmasters better debug issues they are having with their structured data markup.

Google is showing the item-level error, but the top-level structured data element, not the deeper, nested items that are tagged in the HTML code.

Here is the errors overview report:


When you click on one, it shows you the errors over time with a graph. Google added a note that their “data pipelines have also been updated for more comprehensive reporting, so you may initially see fewer data points in the chronological graph.”


You can even click on URLs in the table to see details about what markup was detected during the crawl:


To learn more about these changes and to read how you can use it to debug your structure data on your site, see the Google Webmaster Blog.

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