Google’s Happy Holidays Logo Number Three: Same Theme Again, But With Snow Cabin Feel

We have been covering the Google Happy Holidays logos from Christmas eve to Christmas day and now, the day after Christmas – also Kwanzaa.

Today, Google went with a wintery, snow cabin look, for there holiday logo.

Here is the Google logo today:


Yesterday, Christmas Day was this:

Google Logo December 25 2013

On Christmas eve, the logo looked like this:

Google Happy Holidays logo 2013

In case you missed yesterday’s Google logo story, here’s a quick recap of Google holiday logos for the last five years:

Google 2012 Holiday Logo:

Google 2012 holiday logo

Google 2011 Holiday Logo:


Google 2010 Holiday Logo:

Google 2010 holiday logo

Google 2009 Holiday Logo:

Google 2009 holiday logo

Google 2008 Holiday Logo:

Google 2008 logo