Google’s “In The News” Box Now Lists More Than Traditional News Sites


Google has confirmed that new “In The News” box appearing in some of its search results now lists content from more than just the traditional news sites. Discussions at Reddit, blog posts, videos and more from non-news sites may turn up.

Earlier, Search Engine Land reported how content from Reddit was showing up in the “In The News” box. A Google spokesperson has now told us that it’s not just Reddit that’s being included. Virtually any content might show up in the box, if it’s deemed newsworthy:

We will be pulling from all over the web which means that we will present as diverse a range of voices as possible to ensure we get users to the answer they are looking for.

We are always working to give our users the best possible answer to their question. That might come in the form of a video, a press release, a blog, a photo, a social media post or a news

The Old “News For” Box

Until recently, Google’s search results sometimes carried a “News for” box in its search results. Here’s an example:

Google News Example

Content in this box came from Google News, where only news sites that have been reviewed and approved by Google are listed.

The New “In The News” Box

In contrast, the new “In the News” box that’s now appearing includes content from Google News sources as well as sources that are not in Google News.

For example, the Yoast blog — which is NOT in Google News — recently was listed within the “In The News” box for a search on “website maintenance,” as you can see below:


This is also why Reddit, while not a Google News site, currently gets to show up in the “In The News” box (twice) in a search for Dunkin Donuts:

dunkin donuts reddit and google news

A downside to Google including non-news sites in its search results is also evident from another Reddit appearance, this for a search on “TSA,” as shown below:

tsa reddit google

It turns out that the Transportation Security Administration looks to have opened someone’s luggage and perhaps damaged some bicycle parts inside, prompting a Reddit thread called F— You, TSA. In turn, that put the F-word directly into Google’s search results (and it happened even if SafeSearch was switched on).

It’s not that traditional news sources wouldn’t drop an F-bomb in a headline, but it’s far more rare. Opening up the news box to more than traditional news sources certainly will give the section more variety, and perhaps make it even more timely, but it may also come with more unexpected surprises for Google.

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