Google’s Matt Cutts Implies MyBlogGuest Publishers Will Receive Penalties

google-flyswatter-penalty-600Google has taken action on a large guest blog network that we believe is In fact, the owner of, Ann Smarty confirmed last night she received a penalty.

Yesterday, there was confusion over if those publishers who participated in would also be penalized. I suspected they would be and it seems that is the case. We have Matt Cutts, Google’s head of search spam, tweeting that it is likely and we have several publishers from the network claiming they have manual action notifications in their Webmaster Tools accounts as of yesterday.

Here is Matt’s tweet:


This is in response to one publisher claiming they saw a ranking drop:


We also have comments from several publishers in our previous story claiming they saw drops in rankings and manual action notifications.

One anonymous MyBlogGuest publisher commented:

I’ve posted 100′s of articles from and this morning I received a message in WMT saying “Unnatural links from your site”. Coincidence? Hmm…

If you participated in this network, did you notice a ranking decline and/or a notification in Google Webmaster Tools?

For more details on Google’s take down of a large guest blogging network, see our story from yesterday.