Google’s Mortgage Calculator Quick Answer Now Live


Google has quietly launched their dynamic mortgage calculator quick direct answer in the search results for variations of queries around [mortgage calculator]. This calculator comes up for terms like [loan interest calculator], [interest calculator] and many other variations.

Here is a screen shot of the new quick answer:


This tool will give you the monthly cost and maximum loan cost after you type in your variables into the gray background fields.

There are many financial sites that offer mortgage and interest calculators, so Google here figured they just give you the calculator on their own site as opposed to sending you off to a web site with a similar calculator.

Google began testing this calculator in early December. Pete Meyers noticed it went live today.

It would be really neat if Google took it one step further and plugged in your query into the calculator, for example [cost of 500,000 mortgage loan interest with 3.9% interest over 15 years].

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