Google’s Music Knowledge Graph With YouTube, Google Now, New Carousel & More

google-knowledge-graph-featuredPart of Google’s big birthday event & Hummingbird announcement was that Google has made some serious strides to the knowledge graph. One such example was visible a week or so after the announcement, which was a major improvement and user interface change for musician-related search terms.

For example, when you search for [neil young] you are given a typical knowledge graph on the right side. If you search for [neil young songs] you are presented with a new songs carousel, displaying the songs Neil Young has published over the years.

If you click on a song, you are given a rich experience, showing a YouTube video of the song, with more details about the song, the artist, and the song carousel at the top. You can even click on the “keep you updated” link to get Google Now alerts on this artist.

Here is a picture of what I see:


Some readers are reporting not seeing the music carousel, but only seeing the YouTube videos. We cannot replicate that action.