Happy Holidays From Google On Christmas Eve: A Recap Of Google Holiday Logos Since 2008

Today’s Google logo includes a Happy Holidays greeting in time for Christmas Eve. Using a simple holiday portrait of a horse-drawn sled riding through the snow, the logo serves up results for the search phrase ‘Happy Holidays’.

Google Happy Holidays logo 2013

This year’s logo is a much more “classic” holiday-styled image compared to last year’s festive logo with lots of color and marching toys.

Compare for yourself with our recap of Google holiday logos during the last five years; you can find out more about the logos by clicking on the individual images.

Google 2012 Holiday Logo:

Google 2012 holiday logo

Google 2011 Holiday Logo:


Google 2010 Holiday Logo:

Google 2010 holiday logo

Google 2009 Holiday Logo:

Google 2009 holiday logo

Google 2008 Holiday Logo:

Google 2008 logo