Happy Holidays Google Logo Day Two: Same Theme, But With An Urban-Inspired Illustration

Today’s Christmas Day Google logo looks similar to yesterday’s logo, with the same layout and border; but, includes artwork inspired by a more urban scene compared to yesterday’s horse-drawn sled.

The logo includes an illustrated image of a city block complete with lighted buildings, cars, a bus, and Christmas tree, with Google listed in its trademark colors underneath the oval snapshot. Same as yesterday, clicking the logo delivers results for the search phrase ‘Happy Holidays’.Google Logo December 25 2013

In case you missed yesterday’s Google logo story, here’s a quick recap of Google holiday logos for the last five years:

Yesterday’s Google Holiday Logo:

Google Happy Holidays logo 2013

Google 2012 Holiday Logo:

Google 2012 holiday logo

Google 2011 Holiday Logo:


Google 2010 Holiday Logo:

Google 2010 holiday logo

Google 2009 Holiday Logo:

Google 2009 holiday logo

Google 2008 Holiday Logo:

Google 2008 logo