How One SEO Consultant’s Near Death Experience United The SEO Community

dana-tilt-cropped-300Dana Lookadoo is a familiar, warm, embracing and smart personality in the SEO/SEM space, and when she was involved in a major accident, the community she was such a big part of was there for her.

Yesterday, Dana posted on her blog Journaling My Cycling Accident And Recovery. She described in detail her accident, the bleak outlook, her miraculous recovery, and the family, friends and colleagues who were part of that recovery.

Like many of you, we here at Search Engine Land were watching and praying each and every day since Dana’s accident on November 14th. There were times we were told she was near death, that she would never be able to move again, or even talk. But her recovery and the speed of her recovery was amazing. As Dana said in her blog post:

I was quite disturbed, obviously. I also remember asking if I would ever feel my feet again and hearing them say that I was a quadriplegic.

Her surgeries went much better than expected, her recovery went much better than expected, and her outcome on life is just amazing.

I was personally amazed at how the SEO community came together to support Dana. The gifts, donations, cards, messages, a several-hour Google+ hangout where SEOs sent their love to her live, the people who stopped their own lives to be with Dana in the hospital…

I am honored to be able to quote Dana:

Whatever the future holds, I’m ready for it, but I know without a doubt that I won’t be alone!

Addendum… I will walk again and am working each day toward that end!

Dana, the SEO/SEM community loves you and you are a true inspiration for us all.