Infographic: The Biggest Changes To Google Search In 2013

What were some of the biggest changes to Google Search in 2013, in terms of how its search algorithms ranked and displayed information? How about an infographic rundown, as we close out the year?

Produced by the folks at E2M Solutions, the infographic covers a number of important updates and other developments relating to Google Search over the past year, ranging from continued refreshes of Panda to the announcement of Google Hummingbird.

Not everything matches to the exact dates shown on this infographic, such as Hummingbird marked as happening on August 20, 2013. Also, the “Link Devaluation” for January 2013 was never confirmed by Google. Some believe it happened; some think it’s just speculation.

So, the infographic isn’t perfect. But, it is general and useful guide to some major changes. Here it is, with some additional information about things mentioned shown below it:

If you want the infographic for yourself, you’ll find it here: 11 Most Important Google Search Algorithm Updates/Changes in 2013 [INFOGRAPHIC].

As for things mentioned on the infographic, in general, if you’re trying to keep track of changes “under-the-hood” to Google Search, Google Algorithm Change History from Moz is an outstanding resource, for a sense of when they are announced or widely-believed to have happened. As for visible changes to the search engine results pages (also called SERPs) at Google, Moz’s recently launched Google SERP Features Chart is very useful.

Google Releases Interactive Infographic: “How Search Works” from us covers Google’s How Search Works area, where a section on spam fighting lists some key milestone dates from Google itself. However, these don’t go beyond 2012, and the charts shown lack any dates on them.

As for all those mentions of Google Panda, one of the best ways to catch-up on all the news there is to read our Google Panda Update page, for background on what Panda is and a chronological list of stories relating to it. Similarly, our Google Penguin page will fill you in on that update.

Our Google Payday Loan Algorithm: Google Search Algorithm Update To Target Spammy Queries story has background about Google Payday.

Google Introducing “In-Depth Articles” To Search Results covers the “in-depth articles” feature that was introduced this year, and our Google Knowledge Graph has background on the Knowledge Graph in general and past stories about it.

FAQ: All About The New Google “Hummingbird” Algorithm is our popular background piece on Google’s overhaul of its entire search engine that was known as Hummingbird. If that’s not enough, our Google Hummingbird page has further stories on the topic.

Finally, be sure to check-out our Search Engine Land’s 2013 Search Marketing Year In Review, which has our top ten list of stories and columns on various topics.

Think there’s something big with Google Search this year not covered on the infographic above? Share your thoughts with a comment below!