Is Google App Indexing becoming Firebase App Indexing?


It looks like Google may be changing the name of their app indexing protocol from Google App Indexing to Firebase App Indexing. Last night, I captured screen shots of Google changing the Google search developer page from saying “Google App Indexing” to “Firebase App Indexing.” But it seems Google changed it back this morning to just “App Indexing.”

Here is a screen shot from last night where it showed “Firebase App Indexing.”


In fact, the link to learn more about this was set to go to

Yes, Firebase is a company Google acquired back in October 2014. It is a company that helps developers create mobile applications. So it is possible Google would renamed their mobile efforts Firebase and bring App Indexing into that.

Maybe this is something Google is going to announce today at Google I/O; we will be on the lookout for that.

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