Is The Mobile Migration Of Graph Search Upon Us? New Facebook Test Uncovers Mobile Web Integration

We’ve been saying that it is just a matter of time for Facebook’s Graph Search to make its way to mobile devices.

A test spotted yesterday by InsideFacebook shows that the launch may be close. The test shows an in-depth integration for mobile web users that contains the same bells and whistles as the desktop version.


The test shows a prompt issued to mobile web users prodding them to search for news and topics. Once a user begins, they can see top results, and break down by people, photos, pages, posts, groups, places, apps and events:


The mobile web version appears to have the ability to handle all the complex queries that desktop can as well. Queries about what friends like and what they are involved in will also display relevant results: graph-search-restaurants


When asked for a comment a Facebook representative told us:

“we’re testing improvements to Facebook mobile search.”

To see more examples of this test in the wild, wild mobile web – head over to Images courtesy of