It’s True! Bing Ads Allows Use Of Exclamation Mark In Ad Titles

bing-ads-new-240pxAfter reading the news yesterday that Bing Ads has made a change to its Editorial Guidelines prohibiting third-party sellers from appearing as an original brand, I noticed this notation in the change log from November:

We have removed the restriction on use of exclamation points in ad titles from the Content and Style Guidelines. A single exclamation point is now allowed in the title of an ad.

Really, exclamation marks in ad titles? The actual guidelines are a little fuzzy on this point, stating just that “One exclamation point or question mark is allowed per sentence in ad text.” with no mention of use in the headline.

It is indeed possible. Bing Ads has confirmed that it is acceptable to use one exclamation in the ad headline, in addition to an exclamation mark in the ad text.

This seems to have been a quiet roll-out, and I have yet to spot any ads using an exclamation in an ad title itself. Maybe you’ve spotted them or tested them yourself?