Juno probe reaches Jupiter today, Google posts animated Doodle


Google’s home page has a pixelated and very geeky Google logo, aka Doodle, for the Juno probe reaching Jupiter this morning.

The animated logo features the NASA team cheering, with the computer and screens linking behind them. It also shows the Google logo, with one of the Os replaced by the Juno satellite probe and the planet Jupiter.

Here is the animated version:


Google wrote:

A NASA satellite built like a tank is settling into polar orbit around Jupiter, the mysterious gas giant two doors down from Earth.

Juno’s five year, 500 million mile journey will culminate in a treasure trove of new pictures and measurements taken by its nine instruments. What Juno tells us about Jupiter will detail the planet’s magnetic and gravitational fields and interior structure, revealing how it was formed and providing clues to our own planet’s humble beginnings.

In satellite terms, Juno is a warrior. Building the 3,500-pound device for Jupiter’s brutal atmosphere took seven years and countless hours of testing. NASA scientists equipped Juno with titanium shields to withstand pummeling rocks, powerful radiation, and freezing temperatures. Its armor will keep it safe and working properly over its year-long polar orbit collecting data about Jupiter.

Today’s Doodle celebrates this incredible moment of human achievement. Bravo, Juno!

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