Learn the benefits of pay-per-call for affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing campaigns — where businesses pay affiliates (or an affiliate network) a commission for sending them website visitors, leads or customers — continue to grow in popularity. It is projected that affiliate marketing spending in the US alone will exceed $5.3 billion this year, up from $4.7 billion last year.

To help optimize ROI and generate more customers from affiliates, many businesses now have dedicated Affiliate Managers. They are responsible for onboarding and managing affiliates and tracking and optimizing return from affiliate campaigns. For businesses in industries that value phone calls — such as financial services, insurance, home services, travel and hospitality, education, legal services, health care and more — those campaigns include pay-per-call.

This guide from DialogTech is for affiliate managers who are interested in pay-per-call. It explains what pay-per-call is and its benefits to businesses. It covers best practices affiliate managers can follow to optimize pay-per-call ROI. For affiliate managers looking for help to track and manage campaigns, the handbook also provides an introduction to pay-per-call management platforms.

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