LinkedIn Gives Search A Promotion By Adding Better Post Results & Richer, Personalized Listings


If you happen to be a heavy LinkedIn user, you’ve likely seen a welcomed change in the search function recently. Last week LinkedIn upgraded nearly all facets of its search for a quicker, more informative user experience.

One of the most noticeable changes is the fact that search is now personalized. LinkedIn will try to match results based off of your connections, not just from their list of users & brands. This will help users save time and be a boon for those that aren’t exactly sure who they are looking for. By leveraging connections, LinkedIn search will now help combat misspellings by showing the closest matches for a query. So a search on a misspelled name now may provide the intended result:

A fuller search experience has arrived for all users as well.. No longer will non-premium users have to guess at last name, all users will now see full names in their search results (a premium-only feature previously). This will also work for keyword searches. No longer will regular members see “LinkedIn Member” next to a user, but instead will see a name next to the face:


Much like Facebook and Twitter, the new LinkedIn search can be filtered for a rich experience. The possible options are:

  • All
  • People
  • Jobs
  • Companies
  • Groups
  • Universities
  • Posts
  • Inbox

The post results will also be customized based off connections for a true personalized search. The results can be sorted by relevance or recency and are displayed next to the LinkedIn member. Advanced filtering options including posts by users and specific dates are listed on the sidebar for even further filtering.


For more on LinkedIn’s new search, see the official LinkedIn blog.

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