LinkedIn’s New “Galene” Search Platform Offers Broader, More Relevant & Faster Results

linkedin logoLast week, Linkedin announced it had rolled out a newly upgraded search platform Galene, designed to offer broader searches and more relevant results that are now delivered twice as fast.

According to the announcement, LinkedIn began building Galene more than a year ago, and is now leveraging it to power the site’s multiple search products including People Search, Job Search, LinkedIn Recruiter, and internal applications like customer-service and advertising support.

From the announcement:

Galene has helped us improve our development culture and forced us to incorporate new development processes. For example, the ability to build new indices every week with changes in the offline algorithms requires us to adopt a more agile testing and release process.

With the new search platform, LinkedIn claims member searches are no longer limited to first and second-degree connections, but include the site’s 300+ million members.

The site also said search results are delivered twice as fast now, using a more sophisticated relevance algorithm based on factors like connection degree and name matching.

Linkedin search upgrade