Live @ SMX West: Earning Links, Not Building Links

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Links were the first major “off the page” ranking factor used by search engines. Google wasn’t the first search engine to count links as “votes,” but it was the first search engine to rely heavily on link analysis (or the Link Graph) as a way to improve relevancy. Today, of course, links are absolutely crucial ranking signals for search engines. A site without links pointing to it is effectively invisible to search engines.

But the process of garnering authoritative and valuable links to your sites has changed over time. Publishers and content owners, wary of potential penalties for linking to “bad neighborhood” websites have grown wary of accepting link requests, or neuter links with “no follow” tags. In short, the old way of “building links” has given way to a new reality: to succeed, you need to earn links, and that takes an entirely different mindset and approach than what worked in the past.

During the Earning Links, Not Building Links session at SMX West, our panelists will discuss new approaches to acquiring the links your site needs to rank well in search results. you’ll learn how to go beyond the drudge work of merely building links by attracting editorial mentions, building relevant citations, and discovering new tactics to generate referral traffic that drives real value and builds long-term authority for your website. You’ll also learn about non-traditional approaches that can generate links in unexpected ways you might not have considered before.

Earning Links, Not Building Links is one of more than 60 sessions at SMX West, March 11-13 in San Jose, the three-day conference devoted to all aspects of search, online and social media marketing. Check out the agenda for SMX West and register now!

Looking forward to seeing you in San Jose!