Live @ SMX West: Extreme Excel Excellence

smx west14_spotlightSMX West.

To manage complexity, search marketers turn to tools to manage keywords, understand traffic trends, calculate bids and ROI targets… there’s no end of crucial tasks that tools help with. Paradoxically, this also means there’s seemingly no end of tools to choose from, sometimes leading to “tool overload” when it comes to doing the daily tasks of search marketing.

Excel to the rescue. Though Excel at its heart is just a “simple” spreadsheet program, it’s also been referred to as the “Swiss army knife” of software thanks to its flexibility and the huge range of tasks you can perform with it. And just because it’s “simple” doesn’t mean it can’t provide you with richly nuanced information, allowing you to slice and dice details of your marketing campaigns in almost infinite ways.

Our panelists on the Extreme Excel Excellence session at SMX West have explored the depths of Excel and have created their own customized approaches to their data challenges that give them an edge over competitors using more “sophisticated” tools. You’ll come away from the session with a new and greater appreciation for what Excel can do for you. And the panelists have also promised to give away some of their creations for you to use in your own efforts after the conference.

Extreme Excel Excellence is one of more than 60 sessions at SMX West, March 11-13 in San Jose, the three-day conference devoted to all aspects of search, online and social media marketing. Check out the agenda for SMX West and register now!

Looking forward to seeing you in San Jose!