Live @ SMX West: Small Company, Big Results

smx west14_spotlightSmall businesses have always faced unique challenges when it comes to online success. That’s even truer today, when the marketing landscape often seems to be friendlier to big brands. But creative small enterprises use agility to create opportunities leveraging search marketing, social media, email marketing and other disciplines.

At the Small Company, Big Results session at SMX West, you’ll hear about the strategies and tactics that small companies have used to find big success online. For example:

  • How a commercial B2B manufacturing company wanted to advertise varying product lines to varying audiences but was hindered by the inability to use product listing ads. Yet the solution they devised ultimately drove 31% of total leads at a cost-per-lead 52% less than search campaigns.
  • How another small business used existing creative content to gain traffic, rank, and ROI in an online campaign, and then with a bit of out-of-the-box thinking repurposed that content for use in offline campaigns at very little additional expense.
  • How one company took an outdated website that enjoyed excellent rankings but lacked conversions, and reworked it into completely new site that saw no drop in traffic and increased conversions exponentially.

Small Company; Big Results is one of more than 60 sessions at SMX West, March 11-13 in San Jose, the three-day conference devoted to all aspects of search, online and social media marketing. Check out the agenda for SMX West and register now!

Looking forward to seeing you in San Jose!