Local Resource: 50 Top International Citation Sites


We at BrightLocal (my company) recently conducted extensive research into both International citations and Local citations in ten different countries.

There are some useful blog posts and resources that list Local citations but none we could find that provided a comprehensive list of International citation sites.

What Are “International” Citation Sites?

Very simply, these are sites and mapping services that carry business listings in multiple countries.

That are lots of well-known sites that cover one or two countries (the US and Canada, mainly), but not that many which have wide or full global coverage.

Why Are These Sites Useful To Marketers?

These sites provide a great starting point for any local marketers who work with businesses outside of the US, Canada and the UK. There are many well-maintained lists of citation sites for these three countries but far fewer resources for other countries.

So if you’re a US-based search marketer, and you land a client that has locations in Mexico or the Caribbean, where do you start with your citation research? Likewise, if you’re based in France and win a client with branches in Belgium and Switzerland, where do you look for citations?

The list below provides 50 International sites that can act as a base for your citation work in (almost) any country. Diligent marketers will want research local and niche sites in each country to supplement this list, of course, but this list shortcuts your research time.

The table displays the site names, their Domain Authority and whether they offer a Free or Paid listing.

You can find a more complete list (circa 100 sites) on the BrightLocal blog — there, you can also narrow the list by country.

50 High Value International Citation Sites

(Download this chart in .CSV format.)

Citation Site General / Niche How Many Countries Free / Paid Listing Domain Authority
Google Local General ALL Free 100
Apple Maps Connect General 24 Free 100
Bing General 15 Free 99
MapQuest General ALL Free 94
Yelp General 30 Free 94
FourSquare General 19 Free 92
TomTom General ALL Free 85
TripAdvisor Niche 54 Free 75
RateBeer Niche ALL Free 73
Europages General ALL Free 69
Hotfrog General 38 Free 68
Spoke General ALL Free 67
About Us General ALL Free 67
Factual General 50 Free 66
WorldWeb General 12 Free 66
Kompass General 66 Free 65
Brownbook General ALL Free 64
2findlocal General ALL Free 64
RateItAll General ALL Free 64
Where2Go General ALL Free 60
Sales Spider General ALL Free 58
Lacartes General ALL Free 55
CYLEX General 36 Free 55
Smart Guy General ALL Free 53
Wand General 33 Free 51
WowCity General ALL Free 48
GPS Data Team General 51 Free 48
Opendi General 29 Free 48
MyHuckleberry.com General 33 Free 48
Cybo General ALL Free 47
FindTheCompany General ALL Free 47
YelloYello General ALL Free 47
TravelIndex General ALL Free 46
RateMyArea General ALL Free 45
Company.fm General ALL Free 44
Enrollbusiness.com General 52 Free 44
VenueDirectory.com Niche ALL Free 43
BizDirLib General ALL Free 43
iGlobal General 66 Free 39
BizExposed.com General ALL Free 37
List Company General ALL Free 36
Beanhunter Niche ALL Free 36
Directory.ac General ALL Paid 36
Yellmy.com General ALL Free 35
ExpressBusinessDirectory.com General 139 Free 33
CustomerServiceNumbers.com General ALL Free 30
WhoDoYou General ALL Free 28
YouReview General ALL Free 26
Lekkoo General ALL Free 24
99Nearby General ALL Free 24


In compiling this list, we found a couple of other resources that we’d like to thank and make you aware of:

  • NGS Marketing – Citation sites for New Zealand, Australia & Germany
  • David Mihm – Local Citations for Continental Europe

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