Majestic SEO Now Categorizing The Web For Marketers

majestic-seo-logo-1Majestic SEO, a popular link research tool, announced a new feature where they are now categorizing their index, which is made up of over 700 billion web pages, into about 1,000 different categories.

Majestic is then using the categorization to add a new metric, they are calling “Topical Trust Flow.” This new score is their representation of the proximity of any page within a site to any topic, so they can show the trust they put in that prediction with a new score.

Here is how it looks when comparing the BBC site to our site:



With the BBC, Majestic categorizing it highly related to Arts/TV and News/Weather but our site is categorized more around searching and computers and internet.

Majestic SEO says the uses for this include:

(1) Finding topical influencers on social media

(2) Finding good content on topics

(3) PPC use cases