Marin & DoubleClick Search Partner With Boost Media To Scale Ad Optimization

boostlogoToday, ad optimization solution Boost Media (formerly BoostCTR) announced new integration partnerships with DoubleClick Search and Marin Software.

Boost aims to help marketers scale the taxing process of creating, testing and reporting on search and social ad creative with a network of copywriters working in more than ten languages and algorithmically powers ad testing and optimization. Boost says clients see an average sales volume increase of 30 percent at a 5 percent lower CPA and save some 60 hours a month on ad creative development, testing and reporting.

Marketers using DoubleClick Search or Marin Software will be able to access the Boost solution within the platforms. Ad performance reporting will be streamlined, and Boost users can request and approve ad creative directly from Marin and DoubeClick Search.

boost media integrates with marin software

Boost users will be able to access ad performance reporting within the Marin Platform

Matt Ackley, chief marketing officer at Marin Software, said, “Constantly writing and testing ads at scale across multiple campaigns can be a logistical nightmare for advertisers. By integrating with Boost Media, we’ve streamlined the process, improving customers’ ability to optimize ad copy and maximize profitability.”