Marin Software Adds Support For Google Shopping Campaigns

Marin Software Supports Google Shopping Campaigns

Marin Software has added support for Google Shopping Campaigns, which will become the only way to manage Product Listing Ads (PLAs) in AdWords beginning in late August.

The dynamic campaigns tool in the Marin platform automates Shopping Campaign creation and optimization. Advertisers can automate bid strategies, based a number of targets such as product-specific revenue or customer lifetime value, for example.

“Support of Google Shopping Campaigns combined with our cross-channel targeting capabilities allows retailers to take their product-based advertising to new heights,” said Matt Ackley, chief marketing officer at Marin Software. “Through our platform, retailers can use their Google Shopping Campaigns data to build out audience segments and retarget consumers across the web, including Facebook.”

Retailers can build audiences for social and display ad campaigns based on purchase intent data gathered from Google Shopping Campaigns and pull in data from other sources to accurately track revenue from PLAs.

Retailer adoption of PLA formats shows no sign of slowing. Marin predicts retailers will allocate a third of their paid search budgets to Google Shopping Campaigns by the end of 2014.

Screenshot provided by Marin Software.