Mastering mobile SEO

Google continues to push its efforts to improve the mobile experience for users, most recently releasing Mobile Scorecard & Impact Calculator tools to illustrate importance of mobile page speed. Google’s push isn’t just to make users feel good – to put the Mobile Scorecard data into monetary perspective for stakeholders, the new Impact Calculator is designed to show just how much conversion revenue a site is missing out on because of its slow loading speed.

If you’re neglecting mobile visitors, or haven’t put the kind of effort you should given how important mobile is in just about all marketing campaigns, you should attend the Maximizing Mobile Potential workshop at SMX West.

The Maximizing Mobile Potential workshop, taught by world-respected mobile SEO expert Cindy Krum, focuses on the details marketers need to know to plan for the future of mobile marketing and cross-device interactions. In addition to going into depth on technical topics such as page speed and mobile-first indexing, Cindy will also be covering the increasingly important factors you need to consider regarding digital assistants, voice actions and other IoT elements.

Want to know more what to expect from the workshop? Click over to Five questions for mobile SEO guru Cindy Krum. Cindy maps out the topics and tactics she’ll be discussing, showing how she can help you make the most of this increasingly foundational technology for digital marketers.

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