Meet A Landy Award Winner: How Piston Won Best Integration Of Search Into Cross-Channel Marketing For Its Mophie Campaign

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Earlier this month, Piston Agency took home a Landy for the Best Integration of Search Into Cross-Channel Marketing for their work on their Mophie Campaign. Mophie, a leader in external battery packs for mobile devices, needed assistance in capitalizing on their first-ever TV spot (during the Super Bowl) and wanted digital support to supplement the effort. This is where Piston comes in.

With firm goals of capturing live across multiple devices, the Piston team got to work with aggressive ROAS goals that leveraged SEO, SEM and support from display. With the supply of queries coming in from the TV ad, Piston needed to lock down all aspects of search.

The Organic Side

Heading into the Super Bowl, the Piston SEO team worked to shore up all optimization efforts around all potential searches. This included core product lines, Super Bowl campaign searches, social media, video support and press releases. The goal was to not just let the commercial run and reap the benefits, but to actively capture and nurture those folks who actively showed interest when they saw the first ever Mophie ad.

The Paid Side

In support of both the commercial and the organic efforts, Piston’s SEM team took action. They leveraged ad copy and extensions and covered related hashtag searches to help cast the wide net that SEM can offer. The SEM team and SEO team worked hand-in-hand to share what terms and copy were working, as well as what was providing the best value across the overall effort. Included in the SEM push was display retargeting that was able to convert that massive traffic into additional impressions across search, social, YouTube and mobile.

The Results

Thanks to the carefully planned execution and cross-team collaboration, Piston was able to deliver Mophie more than 200 percent ROAS on projections, with an increase of 456 percent in branded search and a 48 percent increase in CTR WoW. Overall, the integrated search plan drove more than $800,000 in revenue for But wait, there’s more: Thanks to the flawless execution on the big game spend, Mophie saw ranking growth across 55 additional integral keywords, which has led to an additional 120,000 monthly searches.

For more information, fire on over to Piston and see more about their Super Bowl 2015 Campaign. Congrats on the big win!

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