Megalytic Launches Google AdWords Integration For Customizable, Automated Reporting

megalytic adwords reporting integrationAnalytics reporting SaaS product, Megalytic, has announced a new integration with Google AdWords.

Marketers can connect multiple AdWords accounts to the platform and generate reports and access widgets created specifically for AdWords reporting.

For example, the Multi-KPI Widget displays key performance metrics across the campaigns in an AdWords account and can show comparisons to previous time periods. The single KPI Widget focuses on one metric and can display as a trending graph, while the AdWords Campaign Widget reports on the top campaigns, ads, or keywords in an account. Display network, click type and device reporting is available with the AdWords Network Widget.

adwords reporting tool megalytic

Multi-KPI Widget

“Our goal is to revolutionize digital marketing reporting by streamlining the process and making it less time consuming,” said Mark Hansen, CEO of Megalytic. “With the announcement of the AdWords integration, we’re one step closer to our vision of offering digital marketers a comprehensive tool that they can use to generate all of the reports that their clients and colleagues demand.”

The platform can already pull data from Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and data uploaded from CSV files for customizable reporting. Reports can be white labeled and scheduled. Megalytic offers a 14-day free trial.

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