Microsoft Touts Bing Smart Search In New TV Ad For Windows 8.1 Release Tomorrow

New Bing logoMicrosoft is pushing its new Bing Smart Search feature, which will hit the streets tomorrow when the company releases Windows 8.1.

Bing Smart Search is a feature in the new OS that simultaneously searches the web, the cloud (Microsoft SkyDrive), your PC and — if you’re using a mobile device — your device and the apps on it.

Microsoft pushed out a TV commercial about it a month ago, and has posted a new ad today on YouTube:

There’s also a lengthy post on the Windows blog about Smart Search that dives into a lot of the details about the new technology, including its reliance on Bing’s Satori technology — its version, if you will, of Google’s Knowledge Graph — which has structured data about “hundreds of millions of entities.”

Search heroes take this vast set of structured data that Bing has about the world and turns it into something that feels beautiful, curated, and relevant – something that looks and feels like the best modern apps. Thanks to Satori and Bing, you can think of these experiences as mini-apps that Windows creates on the fly.

The link I used up in the first paragraph — — offers a demo that shows how Smart Search works with four different types of searches. You can see some of the structured data they’re talking about in the demo.