Microsoft Translation In Real-Time Over Skype


Last night at the Re/Code Conference, Microsoft demoed real-time translation over Skype.

Imagine talking to someone over a video call, they spoke a completely different language than you did, but the technology did real time translation as you spoke. Microsoft has a beta they demonstrated last night at the conference.

Gurdeep Pall, Corporate Vice President of Skype and Lync at Microsoft conducted the demo in front of the audience. The demo worked pretty well, although I do not speak German. The demo showed a “near real-time audio translation from English to German and vice versa, combining Skype voice and IM technologies with Microsoft Translator, and neural network-based speech recognition”, Gurdeep explained.

Here is a video of the demo:

Microsoft said this translator tool will come to a beta version of Skype at the end of 2014.

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