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selsummit_logo You deliver results daily, but keeping up is a challenge. And you know staying successful means identifying opportunities, implementing new technologies and processes, developing great people, and preparing for the next big thing.

Agree? Then Search Engine Land Summit is for you.

Invest a day hearing from thought leaders in search and internet marketing addressing topics that will push your performance to the next level. You’ll benefit from their wisdom and meet them in an intimate environment. SEL Summit takes place on June 10th, before SMX Advanced in Seattle.

Here are some highlights of what to expect when you attend SEL Summit:

Search Marketing In Today’s Changing World

“SEO is dead.” Seems like every couple of years we hear that our chosen profession is doomed, or is only practiced by those with questionable ethics who are in business solely to spam search engines and fool users. But that’s not the case, according to Marshall Simmonds, Founder and CEO, Define Media Group. In No, SEO Is Never Dead… It’s Just Trying To Be, Marshall will argue that while the strategies and tactics that work for search and users has radically changed, there are still constants and will continue to be many opportunities for resourceful SEOs.

The complexity of search marketing campaigns means that we all rely heavily on tools, but Automation (Does Not Equal) Strategy (Or, A Tool Box Does Not A Cabinet Make) from Kevin Ryan, CEO of Motivity Marketing will probe the perils and pitfalls of over-reliance on mechanization.

And don’t forget the critical “people” component of search marketing. In Managing Search, Managing Change Jeff Preston, Senior Manager, SEO at Disney Interactive will talk about the challenges of managing constant change with the most important ingredient of a search marketing campaign: the people who actually do the implementation.

We’ve also seen a shift away from words towards a much richer visual web, and not everyone has caught up with the opportunities offered by the creative and tactical use of imagery. Rhonda Hanson, Sr. Director, Digital Marketing, Global Marketing, Concur Technologies and past Director of SEO for Getty Images will discuss The Importance Of Imagery, how skillfully using photos, graphics, and illustrations can help improve your marketing efforts.

Harnessing New Trends

Digital channels are “on” 24/7, a fact that’s as true for brands as it is for traditional media. All marketing organizations must now consider to what degree they will function in real time. Rebecca Lieb, Industry Analyst at The Altimeter Group will discuss recent research that defines Real-Time Marketing: The Agility To Leverage “Now”, identifying the six RTM business scenarios, the benefits, executional challenges and best practices of leveraging real-time data.

With all the emphasis placed on big data, automation and speed, some marketers have underestimated the importance of people. In Local & The Place Of Humans, Justin Sanger, Founder & CEO of SupportLocal will show how we have entered into a period of the human algorithm, and how the future of local search can be summed up in two words – collaboration and trust.

And what motivates people? What makes them take action in response to your marketing efforts? Come hear Marty Weintraub, Founder & Evangelist, aimClear discuss Search Powered Psychographics: Enter The Age Of True Persona Marketing and why it’s your new job description.

Looking To The Future

Thanks to the proliferation of mobile devices, the necessary ingredients for a complete paradigm shift are in place: decreasing cost of wireless communication and wireless sensors, combined with the increased ease of access to cheap data storage and data processing means major changes in both online and offline marketing. Both Cindy Krum, CEO of MobileMoxie in The Coming Paradigm Shift In Mobile Marketing and Erynn Petersen, Executive Director, Outercurve Foundation (and formerly the executive responsible for the Microsoft/Yahoo ad integration) in Search And Find: Marketing In The Age Of Internet Of Things will talk about the implications for marketers when we can reference beacons on everything a person touches, passes, buys, uses, and loses.

Similarly, these new, cheaper technologies are making it easier than ever before for businesses to reach customers and Duane Forrester, Sr. Product Manager at Bing will examine how this adoption is going to impact your future and why you need to focus in these areas in Why You Need To Shift Gears: Local At 60+ MPH.

To end the day, Joanna Lord, Chief Marketing Officer, BigDoor will muse about The Future Of A Brand. Tomorrow’s consumers do not want to buy “products.” they want to buy experiences from brilliant brands, and Joanna will talk about what that means and how to do it.

Two Ways To Attend

Search Engine Land Summit will be held on Tuesday, June 10th, prior to the kick off of SMX Advanced, the only conference designed exclusively for experience search marketers. See the SMX Advanced agenda.

To attend both the Summit and SMX Advanced, register for an All Access pass and add the workshop option. If you just want to attend Summit, register for a Workshop only pass.

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