Mobile Search Spend Share In UK And Australia Outpaces US


Mobile spend and click share in three of the most mature paid search markets – the U.S., UK and Australia – increased significantly over the past year. The share of paid search spend allocated to mobile paid search spend in the UK and Australia continued to outpace that of the U.S.

The new data, released today by search marketing software firm, Kenshoo., shows all three regions saw mobile search share rise by between 8 and 11 percentage points year-over-year in Q2.

Mobile Spend and Click Share US, UK, Australia Q2 2014

Source: Kenshoo

While average phone CPCs are 12 cents lower than tablet in Australia, the average CPC spread between phone and tablet has narrowed in the US and UK. In the US, average phone CPCs are $0.04 cents lower than tablet. In the UK, the phone CPCs are just .02 euros shy of tablets.

Mobile CPCs US UK Australia Q2 2014 KenshooKenshoo surmises, “Higher CPC for mobile [in the US and UK] reflects marketers getting savvier about how to measure mobile and set different goals for campaigns targeting those devices.”

Oddly, in Australia, Kenshoo found that click-through rates on both tablets and phones fell, bucking the overall trend reported by Google in Q2. The gap between mobile clicks and spend also widened in Australia year-over-year, with 35 percent of spend allocated to mobile and 44 percent of clicks generated from mobile ads.

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