Mother’s Day Google Logo Celebrates All Types Of Moms

Google Mother's day logo 2015

Today’s animated Mother’s Day Google logo honoring all types of moms – from lions to rabbits and humans – was created by Doodler Olivia Huynh.

On the Google Doodle blog, Huynh writes, “Brainstorming for this Doodle and thinking of my own mom, lots of small moments and gestures of affection came up, so I decided to concentrate on that as a concept.”

Along with the following animated Mother’s Day logo, Google has included a link on its homepage that returns image search results for “baby animals and their mothers.”

Google Mother's Day 2015

Huynh said she chose a watercolor texture because she thought there was something comforting and familiar about it – that it “…shows a more human hand.” Before arriving at the final animation, Huynh completed the following series of sketches that she shared when explaining her creative process.

Google Mother's Day 2015 sketches

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