New AdWords Campaign Detail Reporting Options Give X-Ray Vision Insight Into Campaigns

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Paid search professionals routinely talk about wrangling reports in AdWords in order to get the most pertinent data. Well so the days of wrestling with that data may be over thanks new features from AdWords are making some serious upgrades to their report options.

One of the most helpful new items is the Campaign details that essentially x-rays the campaign information giving you the important results from each campaign setting. Elements like Negative terms, sitelinks, mobile bid adjustments, bid scheduling, locating bidding, etc will give users the high level overview from the campaign tab without having to hop into each account over and over again:


This will be crucial for agencies with multiple users on teams, preexisting accounts or very active clients. Much like last year’s  custom columns, this will be a welcomed change for advertisers. Google explains the change by saying:

Let’s say you want to improve CTR across your text ads by adding sitelinks to all of your campaigns. Previously, you would have individually looked at the ad extensions tab for each campaign to check the status of your sitelinks. For a hundred campaigns, this task could take a couple hours to complete. Using the campaign details report, you can see all of the campaigns that currently have active or disapproved sitelinks in just a few minutes.

Another change hit the Top Movers report over the past few weeks that simplifies the data and makes scanning for significant data easier:


For more, see the official post from Google.

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