New AdWords “Conversions For Optimization” Setting Puts Focus On Key Actions

Google AdWords Conversions for Optimization

Google is rolling out a new Conversions for Optimization setting in AdWords over the next couple of weeks that isolates a conversion action for reporting and bid automation.

With the Conversions for Optimization setting enabled, you’ll now be able to set bid strategies for specific conversion actions. For example, if you’re tracking catalog downloads and course sign-ups, you can set up bid strategies to optimize only for the higher value course sign-up conversions.

The new reporting columns that come with this change will be more widely applicable and can be used whether or not bid strategies such as Target return on ad spend, Enhanced cost-per-click, or Conversion Optimizer are in use.

When the “Optimization” conversion setting is enabled in a campaign, New Conversions Optimization (Conv. opt.) columns show performance for the optimized conversion type even if you are bidding manually.  Essentially, you can isolate the conversion data for the conversion type that is most important to you in the reporting even without having to use bid strategies.

The Conversions column will continue to show the total number of conversions accrued.

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