New Bing Ads Editor Version Now Available

Today Bing Ads announced the latest version of Bing Ads Editor is available and ready for download.

We’ve covered some up the updates already, including the improved sync results window, Bing Ads Editor Update Gives The Lowly “Sync Update” Window Real Functionality (be sure to check out the “Nearly Hidden Gem” section in that article), and a new feature in the conflict report that allows you to take action from that window.

Other new features include:

1. The ability to rename campaigns and ad groups in the Browser pane

2. Adjustable Edit pane to make the workspace bigger or smaller

3. A handy clickable ad preview that pulls up the landing page for validation

Bing Ads Editor New renaming in browsing window4. Find & Replace will now remember your last entry and confirm the number of records changed.

5. More download options to quickly select just active or paused campaigns with the status option, and the option to download select campaigns and ad groups.

Already downloaded versions of Bing Ads Editor will auto-update.