New Bing Ads Interface Begins Rolling Out Today: What To Expect


Starting today, some customers will begin to see the new Bing Ads user interface announced last week. All customers will have the new look in the coming weeks.

The new interface design is cleaner with fewer competing colors and a bigger report canvas. The focus of the new design is to make data visualization and help customers be more efficient, said Jamie Chung a Program Manager with the Bing Ads UI team by phone last week.

Chung says the look is the result of a process recently adopted by the engineering team that starts with hearing from customers rather than designing a product first and then getting feedback second. The new interface will have areas for users to be able to communicate directly with engineers.

Feedback already incorporated into the new interface in the past weeks are a tighter header space so more data can be seen on the canvas. The left navigation bar can be minimized so more columns are visible on the screen without having to scroll.

Bing Ads Interface update

 Also new in the interface, the Accounts & Billing tab will now be found under the gear icon in the upper right, and Bing’s tools that had been tough to locate are now consolidated under Tools in the primary navigation.

Bing ads tools

An example of ways reporting and data analysis more efficient include that now only data from the columns a user selects in the interface will download to a report. Users will also start to notice increases in speed while navigating around the interface.

The new Opportunities tab in the main navigation will roll out with the new UI as well. Here customers will find recommendations including keyword bids and new keyword suggestions.

Changes still to come include more shared libraries. Currently a negative keyword shared library is in pilot, for example. Chung also tells me that live chat support directly from the UI will be coming in a few months. Chat support will target English-speaking markets to start and then be available globally.

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